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ESX 3.5 Host Update3 and more!

No more downloading packages, untaring and figuring out the sequence of install. We introduce Update Manager, another plugin from VMware to make our life easier. ESX host cluster update is a few clicks away. Lets start and document:

First step make sure the Virtual Center version and Update Manager are compatible versions:


Begining with Virtual Center 2.5 and ESX Server Version 3.5 Update Manager can perform compliance scans and apply patches for guests, appliances and hosts.

As we will applying update 3 to ESX Server and Virtual Center, the following link will help us:

First Step is to Upgrade Virtual Center and Update Manager to the latest release once that is done we Remediate ESX host.

Before Remediating the ESX host we need to attach baseline (and it is very much advisable not to upgrade the cluster at once). Select the host -> Update Manager tab -> “Attach Baseline”


Check the Baseline you will like to Remediate the server with and click on “OK”.

The server did not come up after the Remediation process of Rebooting host and console showed it was stuck in Boot Selection mode. No problem! Selected exit using the always helpful IBM RSA and the server came back up. Looks like this delay for some reason lead to the VC declaring update was not successful specifically for ESX350-Update03.


Checked Error Log and saw the same message for ESX-Update03


I went ahead and checked the Baseline on the installed updates to make sure if 3.5Update 3 did actually fail. Baseline reported it as installed:


Paranoia gripped and I re-scanned the host and started another remediation process. It reported no non-compliance after the scan and remediation did not install any updates. I also logged in and checked using esxupdate -l command for the update, looks like alls well and its installed. Moving to another host on the cluster, the process went smoothly.


 Its clear that after the reboot ESX350-Update03 does complete its update process as we can see two “Install of update ESX350-Update03” messages in a appx. 10 minute interval.  Time to get done with this update and get to doing some Cisco stuff.


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